Feng Shui, A Clean Home & Your Health

Is a Clean Home Vital to your Health?


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Believe it!  As you know my background is quite extensive.  Most people don’t think that how you keep your home has any effect on your health.  Just like people don’t think that one snickers bar will increase their changes for developing diabetes, but it certainly will.  Many people have this indestructible view of their lives and don’t have a very good grasp of their mortality.

We don’t heal nearly as well as our bodies age.  Keeping care of your body is the key to long lasting health.  Often people who are self-employed or deep in their careers let their health slip.  These people get shocking news when they go for their annual physical.  This all boils down to the point about organization.

Organization is one of the keys of life.  Things start with the home.  Keeping your house tidy, laundry folded, carpet clean and kitchen clean is very important to your life as a whole.  Many people don’t keep their houses clean.  Other people try to save money by working extra hours at home trying to keep everything tidy.  I always suggest hiring a good cleaning service to keep your home clean.  Finding the right house cleaner can be difficult, but you’ll find the right one.  Once you find the right maid to keep your home tidy it makes the rest of your life just fall into place.

When your home is organized, that organization spills into everything else that’s going on in your life.  The habit of being organized and being mindful of the Feng Shui of your home is very important.  Ever get that great feeling of having a new haircut?  It wasn’t a huge change you made in your life, but rather it was simple.  That simple change completely changes your mind.  When we can change the way the mind functions it can have a positive impact on your health.

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