Fasting & Diabetes Prevention

Curing Diabetes

sponsorsMost people don’t believe that it’s possible to actually cure diabetes.  We’re not designed to believe in the possibility of a cure for such a hardy disease to be readily available.  Readily available isn’t the right wording because that implies that you can take a pill to cure diabetes.  The fact of the matter is that our culture is very pill oriented.  We’ve been trained to believe that pills are the answer to all of our problems.  Unfortunately, that’s a costly belief.  The pharmaceutical industry thrives on that belief.

Pills are not the answer.

There are cures to almost everything, but you’ll need to dig very deep to find it.  Diabetes is a huge industry and big pharma can make a ton of money off of it.  However, with the internet being what it is… everything is now searchable.  Blogs are going up left and right to be able to give you the information you need to make the right decisions.  Hence, this blog…  We’re doctors, but now we’re doctors with a conscious.

The problem with the information age & big pharma’s reach is that we always need 3rd party verification for a statement to be true.  In my professional career I began with no need for 3rd party verification, but as time went on and the 1970s became the 1990s I felt as if I was no longer the doctor.  People came to our practice with preconceived notions based on their google findings.  Although helpful it wasn’t great for business.  Like most professional athletes we had a much similar set of sponsors.

End Rant – How to Reserve Diabetes

My Big Pharma rant has ended (for now).  Reserving diabetes is an interesting topic because there is a lot of research done on the effectiveness of altering your diet to fix the disease.  The shocking part of this story is that diabetes (here we go again) medication gives you a strict eating pattern to go along with the drug.  It’s suggested that eating a lower carbohydrate diet while taking the diabetes medication will help the effectiveness of the medication.

However, that’s a loaded statement.  The effectiveness of the diet improves the ability of the useless medication to “do” what it’s supposed to do.  As you’ll see below in this video by Jason Fung you can reverse diabetes naturally.

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