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The McGill General Surgery Residency Program prides itself on providing exceptional patient care, innovative research opportunities and a robust surgical education program. Our mission is to recruit outstanding candidates and train them to become the next generation of leaders wherever they practice. McGill is one of the oldest and perhaps, most prestigious training programs in North America. There is a long and notable surgical history surrounding us, the teaching faculty is young, motivated, approachable, and concentrates its efforts on providing an unparalleled clinical experience for its trainees across 5 principal teaching sites and over 60 dedicated teaching faculty. 


Montreal General Hospital

MUHC Montreal General Hospital has a bed complement of 406. There are approximately 11,253 admissions and 31,940 visits to the Emergency and 284,656 visits to Out-Patient clinics. In addition, there is an outreach program with hospitals in Northern Quebec. 

Royal Victoria Hospital

MUHC Royal Victoria Hospital opened in 1894, houses a complex of several pavilions with a bed complement of 584.The Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH), which includes the Allan Memorial Institute (AMI), offers general medical care as well as a wide range of highly specialized services and innovative care. 

Montreal Children's Hospital

MUHC Montreal Children's Hospital admits about 8,000 patients per year into its 180 beds, 44 of which are intensive care, both neonatal and pediatric. The largest component of the hospital's services is provided on an ambulatory basis: annually, over 100,000 medical, surgical, and psychiatry visits, 75,000 Emergency visits, 5,000 day surgeries, and close to 10,000 day treatment center visits, including oncology, intensive ambulatory/home care, dialysis, and clinical investigation unit.  

Jewish General Hospital

The Jewish General Hospital is an acute care hospital of 637 beds where over 21,700 patients are admitted per year (including 3,500 deliveries).It also provides 351,000 consultations in emergency and outpatient departments.  

St. Mary's Hospital Centre

is an acute care specialized hospital with 316 adult beds and 65 bassinets. The hospital is a high volume obstetrical centre with 3,636 deliveries. An academic Family Medicine Centre is very active with a large complement of residents.  

Message from the MGSRC President

In my capacity as the elected president of the McGill General Surgery Resident Commitee, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to prospective candidates to the McGill General Surgery community, and to all fellow surgeons alike.

At McGill, surgical residents are at the core of their training program. Represented by their resident elected  President and VP Academic residents, they sit on the Residency Training Committee where their opinions and suggestions are eagerly sought by the staff committee.

Furthermore, being situated in Canada's lively Montreal, the MGSRC organizes frequent events taking advantage of the restaurants and night life, improving resident moral, and increasing the team spirit. We look forward to meeting you at McGill.

Dr. Jonathan Cools-Lartigue


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